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Workers' Compensation Law

Is your boss bullying you into not reporting your injury as work-related, or telling you it's too late to report it? Is the insurance company denying your workers' compensation claim, doctor/prescription bills, or have they changed their minds on a temporary notice right before the 90 days expires? Is the nurse case manager and the company doctor making all the decisions about your treatment for you, or refusing to even consider excusing you from work so that you can get better? Do you have to go to company doctors or can you choose your own health care providers?


Did you know that under Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation law...:

  • You have 180 days to report a work-related injury, and then up to 3 years to file a claim!
  • An aggravation of a pre-existing condition or injury is treated like a new injury!
  • Repetitive-use injuries, certain types of scarring, mental distress from abnormal working conditions, and even hearing loss injuries are covered!
  • Wages from both jobs are included in calculating your benefits if you are working two jobs and are injured at one!
  • Even if you signed papers calling yourself an independent contractor, you may still be entitled to workers' compensation benefits from the company that hired you!

If you even think you might need a lawyer, you probably do! Let us help you! We've been handling workers' compensation cases in Pennsylvania for over 25 years! It costs nothing to call or contact us, and if we take your case, we'll handle it on a contingent fee basis - usually 20% or less! Even if your injury is initially paid and covered by the insurance company and your employer, you need a lawyer with experience on your side. Remember: No recovery, no fee; and if you are already receiving benefits, still no fee until we earn it! In fact, if the insurance company has already made you an offer, we'll review it for you free of charge ~ and will only take our fee off of the difference if we are able to get you a higher offer without litigation! Until a hearing approving the settlement, it's not too late, even if you initially said yes.


We are proud of the help we give and the positive contributions our dedication has made to so many lives! Our past clients appreciatively recommend our services to others. Through a commitment of treating each client like family, and doing our very best for every person we represent, we are able to keep our advertising costs and fees lower. Let us help you stand up for your rights!



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